Areas of Expertise:

  • Birth Injuries
  • Labor and delivery
  • Lactation counseling
  • Patient education and advocacy
  • Postpartum care
  • Stabilizing high-risk newborns


  • University of Central Florida’s Nursing College


  • Class valedictorian
  • DAISY Award
  • Founders Scholar Award

A Trusted Advocate for Patients and Their Families

Katie spent 6 years alternating between newborn delivery nursing and mother/baby care nursing. She has expertise in stabilizing high-risk and unstable newborns, which gives her unique insight into birth injuries.

“When I notice concerning symptoms, I advocate for my infants and contact physicians for correct and prompt treatment,” Katie explained. “If a doctor orders something I feel is not safe or unnecessary, I educate my patients on the power of their voice, in tune with mine as their nurse, in speaking up for their needs.”

Driven by a passion that began at age 12, Katie’s commitment to nursing goes beyond her professional duties. For Katie, patient education and advocacy are essential.

She believes in equipping patients with the necessary information, allowing them to make informed health care decisions.

Education and Career

Katie graduated from the University of Central Florida’s Nursing College as class valedictorian and received the Founders Scholar Award twice. In 2020, she was recognized with the Daisy Award for her exceptional work as a nurse. She continued to serve as a front-line worker through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since graduating, Katie has worked at some of the largest hospitals in Orlando, Florida. Her areas of expertise include stabilizing high-risk newborns, lactation counseling, and educating communities on newborn care.

As a community educator for newborn care courses, she is known for her unwavering commitment to patient care, advocacy, and education.

In her role as a legal expert for, Katie extends this advocacy to a wider audience, ensuring families can access reliable and trustworthy information online.

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