Asbestos Lung Cancer Settlements

Asbestos lung cancer settlements can provide patients and their families with hundreds of thousands of dollars to help cover medical expenses and more. The asbestos lawyers works with have recovered billions for families impacted by asbestos-related diseases like lung cancer. See if a top attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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What Are Asbestos Lung Cancer Settlements?

Asbestos lung cancer settlements are payouts by manufacturers of asbestos-containing products to resolve an asbestos exposure lawsuit.

Many asbestos companies were aware of the health risks of asbestos but knowingly concealed this information to keep making a profit.

Plaintiffs may not have to step foot in a courtroom to receive these lawsuit settlements, and many victims start getting settlement money in as few as 90 days.

Quick Facts About Asbestos Lung Cancer Settlements

  • What are they? These financial payouts are for losses related to asbestos lung cancer.
  • Who can receive them? Patients diagnosed with asbestos lung cancer and their family members may qualify for settlements.
  • Why pursue a settlement? Compensation can help patients pay for necessary treatments, travel to and from a cancer center, lost wages, and more.
  • What’s the average settlement amount? The average payout is about $100,000, but some patients are awarded much more.
  • What are other compensation options? Patients may also qualify for asbestos trust fund payouts and benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Asbestos lung cancer compensation can help relieve a family’s financial worries when a loved one has been diagnosed with this disease. It’s also a way to fight back against negligent asbestos companies and hold them accountable for the harm they’ve caused.

Our legal partners have secured over $9.4 billion for asbestos victims and their families.

See if they can help you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

Asbestos Lung Cancer Settlement Amounts

The average asbestos lung cancer settlement is about $100,000. However, many families who have worked with the asbestos law firms in our network have received settlements well
above this average.

Notable asbestos lung cancer payouts secured by our legal partners include:

  • $1.6 million for a California family affected by asbestos lung cancer
  • $1 million to an electrician from New York with lung cancer
  • $912,000 on behalf of a non-small cell lung cancer patient from West Virginia
  • $825,000 to a steel mill worker in Arizona diagnosed with lung cancer
  • $809,000 to a stage 4 lung cancer patient from North Carolina
  • $760,000 for a lung cancer patient in Mississippi exposed to asbestos in boiler rooms
  • $757,000 on behalf of an Ohio steelworker

An experienced asbestos lawyer will fight to maximize your asbestos lung cancer settlement and get you all of the financial compensation you’re entitled to.

Get a free case review right now to see if you may qualify to pursue asbestos lung cancer settlements.

Factors Affecting Settlement Amounts

The amount of money you may potentially receive from asbestos lung cancer settlements will depend on the unique facts of your case.

Some variables that frequently impact case values include:

  • Age of the victim: Younger asbestos victims tend to get larger settlements.
  • Lung cancer stage: Those with advanced-stage lung cancer may qualify for a higher settlement.
  • Lost wages: If your cancer prevents you from working, you may receive compensation for this loss.
  • Medical expenses: Settlement values often consider the amount of a victim’s current and future medical expenses.
  • Number of defendants: Most asbestos lawsuits name multiple defendants, and each may pay money to settle a case.
  • Your lawyer: Attorneys specializing in asbestos litigation are more likely to obtain higher settlements since they have resources to help prove asbestos exposure and maximize payouts for clients.

Regardless of the specifics of your potential case, you can be sure that an experienced lawyer will fight to get you as much asbestos lung cancer compensation as possible.

Eligibility for Lung Cancer Asbestos Settlements

You may be eligible for asbestos lung cancer settlements if you:

  • Were diagnosed with lung cancer or another asbestos-related disease like mesothelioma
  • Are the close relative of a lung cancer victim

You don’t need to know the details of your asbestos exposure to be eligible for asbestos lung cancer settlements. Asbestos lawyers have the resources to identify the asbestos products you were exposed to, regardless of how long ago the exposure took place.

If your loved one has passed away from lung cancer, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim to seek compensation for their burial expenses, outstanding medical bills, pain and suffering, and more.

Did you know?

Long-term smokers who were exposed to asbestos may still qualify for asbestos lung cancer settlements.

Not sure if you have a case? Contact our case managers at (888) 726-9160 right now to find out if you may be able to take legal action and seek a lung cancer settlement.

Steps to Get Asbestos-Related Lung Cancer Settlements

An experienced lung cancer lawyer can handle all aspects of the legal process for you, so you can take care of your health and spend time with the people you love.

Seeking asbestos lung cancer settlements involves these basic steps:

  1. Getting a free case review: Top asbestos attorneys provide free case reviews, so victims can find out if they may be eligible to pursue settlement compensation. Get a free, no-obligation case review now.
  2. Collecting evidence: Your lawyer will gather evidence like your medical records and work history to connect your lung cancer diagnosis to asbestos exposure. Additionally, they will identify the asbestos products you were exposed to and trace them back to the companies that made and sold them.
  3. Filing your asbestos claim: A legal claim, or asbestos lawsuit, will be drafted and filed on your behalf before a state deadline known as the statute of limitations. All of the asbestos companies that may be responsible for your illness will be sued.
  4. Negotiating a settlement: Your legal team will work to get you as much asbestos lung cancer compensation as quickly as possible. In many cases, victims start receiving settlement payouts within 90 days of connecting with an asbestos lawyer.

Our legal partners strive to secure asbestos lung cancer compensation for clients without going to court. However, if a settlement can’t be reached, they will be prepared to present your asbestos case to a judge or jury and fight hard to get the compensation and justice you deserve.

Did you know?

In September 2023, a New York jury awarded $38 million to a construction worker who developed lung cancer after inhaling asbestos fibers contained in the boilers he demolished. The jury found for the worker, even though he had smoked cigarettes for 40 years.

Other Sources of Asbestos Lung Cancer Compensation

An asbestos lawyer may be able to help you pursue compensation from asbestos lung cancer settlements, as well as other sources.

Additional asbestos lung cancer compensation options include:

  • Asbestos trust funds: There’s over $30 billion sitting in these trusts, which were set up by bankrupt asbestos manufacturers. Claimants with asbestos-related illnesses like lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis may be owed a part of these funds.
  • VA benefits: Veterans with asbestos-related lung cancer related to their military service typically qualify for monthly disability payments of about $4,000 per month.

In some cases, patients may be entitled to compensation from asbestos lung cancer settlements, VA benefits, and asbestos trust funds.

Find out if you’re eligible to file asbestos trust fund claims now.

Get Help Seeking Asbestos Lung Cancer Settlements

Negligent asbestos companies placed profits above public safety, endangering the lives of millions of Americans. If you or someone you love has been affected, we’re here to help. has partnered with asbestos lung cancer lawyers with the experience and resources to take on these companies and secure the maximum results possible in your case.

These attorneys can help families in all 50 states and never charge any upfront fees.

Our legal partners have already secured over $9.4 billion for thousands of asbestos victims across the country.

Contact our case managers at (888) 726-9160 right now or fill out our form to find out if they can help you.

Asbestos Lung Cancer Settlements FAQs

Can you get compensation for lung cancer caused by asbestos?

Yes, you may be able to pursue asbestos lung cancer compensation if you’ve been diagnosed with lung cancer after exposure to asbestos. Additionally, you may be able to seek compensation from a wrongful death lawsuit if a loved one has passed away from asbestos lung cancer.

Asbestos lung cancer settlements often award victims hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What is the average payout for lung cancer?

The average settlement for asbestos lung cancer is $100,000, with some patients getting much more.

Those who push forward with a lawsuit may be rewarded with a higher payout through an asbestos verdict, but the payout time frame for a trial verdict is typically much longer, and the outcome isn’t guaranteed.

The amount of asbestos lung cancer compensation that you may receive will depend on a variety of factors, like your age, the stage of your cancer, and factors related to your asbestos exposure.

How much does an asbestos lung cancer lawyer cost?

Top asbestos lawyers don’t charge any upfront or out-of-pocket fees, allowing clients to access the legal system without any financial risk.

Clients pay a percentage of any compensation the attorney secures for them at the end of the case. If the lawyer doesn’t recover any money for them, they pay nothing.

How do I find an asbestos lung cancer lawyer near me? has a national network of asbestos lung cancer lawyers who have recovered billions of dollars on behalf of families across the country. These attorneys never charge any upfront fees and can help victims in all 50 states.

Take the first step toward justice and compensation: call (888) 726-9160 now for a free case review.

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