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A mesothelioma law firm fights for justice and compensation on behalf of asbestos victims and their families. They do this by filing claims against asbestos companies. The mesothelioma law firms in our network have recovered over $9.4 billion for families affected by mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. See if you can work with a top firm to seek the compensation you deserve.

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What Is a Mesothelioma Law Firm?

An attorney reviews paperwork with a client at a mesothelioma law firmA mesothelioma law firm is a personal injury law firm that specializes in asbestos litigation. These firms know about the unique history and laws surrounding this case type and have the resources to help families get maximum compensation as quickly as possible.

They also have certain traits that make them best suited to represent families impacted by mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases.

Unique Traits of the Best Mesothelioma Law Firms
  • A staff of experienced mesothelioma attorneys and support staff, including legal researchers, investigators, and medical professionals
  • A willingness to travel to meet with mesothelioma patients in their homes to provide a free legal consultation
  • Access to resources that can help them identify the companies responsible for a person’s asbestos exposure
  • In-depth knowledge of mesothelioma cancer, asbestos products, and asbestos law
  • Relationships with top mesothelioma specialists and cancer care centers that clients can benefit from

Each mesothelioma firm in the network have all of these qualities and more.

Get a free case review right now to see if one of our legal partners may be able to fight hard for your family and get the results you deserve.

Can a Mesothelioma Law Firm Help Me?

Mesothelioma law firms help families affected by this aggressive cancer by filing claims against the companies responsible for their asbestos exposure.

A mesothelioma law firm may be able to help you if you:

  • Have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, lung cancer, or another asbestos-related disease
  • Are the spouse, child, or family member of a mesothelioma patient
  • Represent the patient’s estate, if they’ve passed away

Compensation from an asbestos claim can be life-changing for a family dealing with a mesothelioma diagnosis.

A successful legal claim can also hold negligent asbestos companies accountable for the harm they’ve caused. These companies knew about the dangers of asbestos but hid the truth from the public to protect their profits.

Even if you don’t remember when you were exposed to asbestos or what products made you sick, a mesothelioma law firm may still be able to help.

Find out if you may be eligible to pursue compensation by calling one of our mesothelioma case managers at (866) 447-8466 right now.

Types of Claims a Mesothelioma Firm Handles

A mesothelioma law firm files three main types of asbestos claims on behalf of their clients:

  1. Mesothelioma lawsuits: These lawsuits, filed against asbestos companies, typically result in settlements of $1 million+, allowing most victims to access compensation without having to go to court. If you lost a loved one to mesothelioma, you may be entitled to compensation from a mesothelioma wrongful death lawsuit.
  2. Asbestos trust fund claims: Companies that faced bankruptcy in the wake of mounting asbestos lawsuits were forced to set up trust funds to compensate current and future victims. Today, there’s an estimated $30 billion available across 60+ funds.
  3. VA benefit claims: One-third of mesothelioma victims are U.S. veterans due to the military’s reliance on asbestos before the early 1980s. Veterans with mesothelioma may qualify for nearly $4,000 per month in disability payments from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), as well as other benefits.

Veterans with mesothelioma can file lawsuits and asbestos trust fund claims without interfering with their ability to collect VA benefits.

Depending on which products you were exposed to, you may be eligible to file multiple claims.

A mesothelioma law firm can review the facts of your case and determine which type(s) of asbestos claims you qualify for.

Compensation Secured by Top Mesothelioma Law Firms

Mesothelioma law firms recover on average $1 million to $1.4 million through mesothelioma settlements and $5 million to $11.4 million through trial verdicts.

The firms that works with have secured over $9.4 billion for families affected by mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses.

Payouts recovered by our legal partners include:

  • $60 million to the family of a New York laborer
  • Over $40 million for a U.S. Navy veteran in Washington
  • $30 million on behalf of a California construction supervisor
  • $20 million to an auto mechanic
  • $10 million for a boiler tender
  • $15 million in a secondhand asbestos exposure case
  • Over $8 million to a pipefitter and plumber
  • $7 million on behalf of a welder in Pennsylvania
  • $6.6 million to an electrician
  • $3.4 million on behalf of a U.S. Navy veteran in Florida
  • $2.8 million for the family of a heavy equipment operator in Illinois
  • Over $2.5 million to a Michigan maintenance worker

Get a free case review right now to see if one of our partner mesothelioma firms may be able to take legal action on your behalf and fight for the results you deserve.

What to Expect When Working With Mesothelioma Law Firms

While all mesothelioma cases are different, the basic process of working with a firm that specializes in asbestos cases typically follows these steps.

  1. Free case review: A reputable mesothelioma law firm will offer a free case review, so you can find out if you may be eligible for compensation without any financial risk.
  2. Identify claims: Your law firm will determine the asbestos claims you qualify for, like a mesothelioma lawsuit, asbestos trust fund claims, and VA benefit claims.
  3. Gather evidence: Your mesothelioma lawyers and their support staff will collect evidence to build a strong claim, including proof of asbestos exposure and confirmation of your diagnosis. To do so, your legal team will rely on the firm’s resources, like investigators, medical experts, and information from past cases.
  4. File claims: Your firm will file your claim(s) before any deadlines and keep you posted on their status as they move forward.
  5. Get compensation: In many cases, victims of asbestos exposure start receiving payouts in as few as 90 days of contacting a mesothelioma law firm. You can be assured that your firm will try to get you the most money possible as quickly as it can.

Mesothelioma law firms understand the stress and worry that come with a mesothelioma diagnosis, so they do everything they can to make the legal process as easy as possible for families.

Choosing a Mesothelioma Law Firm

While many law firms may take mesothelioma cases, only a select few have the resources and experience necessary to give their clients the best chance of securing compensation for mesothelioma.

Top mesothelioma law firms have the following qualities:

  • A proven track record of favorable results for their clients through asbestos trust fund claims and mesothelioma lawsuit settlements and verdicts
  • A nationwide presence, with the ability to file an asbestos lawsuit in the state that’s best suited for a specific case
  • Access to key resources, like a comprehensive asbestos job site database and warehouses of exposure evidence from past cases
  • Decades of experience litigating mesothelioma claims
  • No upfront fees, allowing clients to get quality legal help without any financial risk
  • Positive client testimonials that highlight how their lawyers give each case the personal attention it deserves
  • Relationships with top medical experts, who can help prove your case

At, we believe that everyone deserves a fair shot at justice, so each mesothelioma law firm in our network has these traits and more.

Get Help From a Top Mesothelioma Law Firm

Asbestos product manufacturers hid the truth about the dangers of asbestos for decades, causing innocent people to develop mesothelioma and other serious diseases.

A mesothelioma law firm can help even the playing field for those affected and fight for justice on their behalf.

The mesothelioma firms we work with have secured over $9.4 billion for families across the country impacted by mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases.

These firms never charge any upfront fees and can handle asbestos cases anywhere in the United States.

Take the first step toward getting the legal help you deserve by calling our team at (866) 447-8466 right now or getting a free case consultation.

Mesothelioma Law Firm FAQs

What’s the best law firm for mesothelioma?

The best mesothelioma law firm gives individualized attention to each case and treats clients like family.

These firms have:

  • A long record of winning mesothelioma lawsuits
  • Experienced asbestos lawyers on staff
  • Resources to help prove asbestos exposure
  • The ability to take cases without charging any upfront fees

How do I find a good mesothelioma law firm? works with some of the top firms in the country, and we can connect you with one if you have a case.

These national law firms have offices across the country and can handle mesothelioma cases in all 50 states.

See if one of our legal partners can help you get the compensation and justice you deserve during a free case review.

Why should I hire a mesothelioma law firm?

A law firm for mesothelioma may be able to fight for justice and compensation on your behalf if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, asbestosis, or another asbestos-related disease.

These firms have resources to prove asbestos exposure and maximize financial compensation for their clients. Even if most of your medical expenses are covered by health insurance, money from a successful mesothelioma claim can help pay for additional costs, like travel for treatment and loss of income.

In addition, mesothelioma law firms understand the strain a diagnosis puts on the entire family. As a result, they handle all aspects of a mesothelioma claim, so family members can focus on their loved one’s health and enjoying time together.

How much does it cost to hire a top mesothelioma law firm?

Top firms don’t charge any upfront or hourly fees to represent you.

Given their strong track record, these law firms work on what’s known as a contingency fee basis. They only accept payment if they secure compensation for you. If they don’t recover any money, you pay nothing.

This type of fee arrangement allows all victims of injustice to access top-tier legal help.

Call our case managers at (866) 447-8466 to take the first step toward getting the legal help you need.

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