Chemical Hair Straightener Lawsuit

Recent studies have shown a link between chemical hair straighteners and different types of cancer. As a result, women who used chemical hair straightening products or relaxers and were later diagnosed with endometrial or uterine cancer may be eligible for compensation from a chemical hair straightener lawsuit.

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By filing a product liability lawsuit, you can pursue financial compensation and justice from the companies that caused you or a loved one harm.

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  • $40 million for a veteran exposed to asbestos from Goodyear gaskets
  • $1.16 million for a Roundup® victim in North Dakota
  • $575,000 for a man in Florida who suffered chemical burns from Just for Men® hair dye Icon

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Does Chemical Hair Straightener Cause Uterine Cancer?

A new study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that hair-straightening products may significantly boost a person’s risk of uterine cancer.

The study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, found that frequent use of chemical hair straighteners more than doubled the risk of a person developing uterine cancer by age 70.

More specifically, the researchers found that the risk of developing uterine cancer by age 70 is about 4% among frequent users of chemical hair straighteners and 1.6% among those who did not use such products in the past 12 months. The researchers defined frequent use as more than four times in a year.

Black women are especially at risk because they typically use these hair care products more often and at earlier ages than individuals of other races.

The study’s findings align with prior research showing a link between endocrine-disrupting chemicals in hair straighteners and permanent hair dyes and an increased risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

Which Brands of Hair Relaxer Are Involved?

A hairstylist puts chemical hair straightener in a woman's hair

Chemical hair straightener cancer lawsuits are a type of product liability lawsuit. People filing these lawsuits claim that the manufacturers failed to warn of the risks connected to their hair products even though they knew or should have known that the products contained hazardous chemicals.

Chemical hair straightener lawsuits have named various product manufacturers as defendants, including cosmetic giants L’Oreal and Revlon, Namaste Laboratories, Strength of Nature, and Soft Sheen.

L’Oreal makes a product called Dark & Lovely, which is a bestselling hair relaxer.

Signs & Symptoms of Uterine Cancer

Although uterine cancer is rare, rates have risen recently, particularly among Black women. The National Cancer Institute estimates nearly 66,000 new cases of uterine cancer in 2022.

Did you know?

Uterine cancer is the most common gynecologic cancer in the U.S.

There are two types of uterine cancer — endometrial cancer and uterine sarcoma. Endometrial cancer is the more common of the two.

Common symptoms of uterine cancer include:

  • Lower abdominal pain or cramping
  • Prolonged, heavy, or frequent vaginal bleeding if older than 40
  • Thin white or clear vaginal discharge postmenopause
  • Vaginal bleeding between periods before menopause
  • Vaginal bleeding or spotting postmenopause (even a slight amount)

Signs of uterine cancer often resemble symptoms of other health conditions. If you have any unusual pain, discharge, or bleeding, you should contact your health care provider as soon as possible.

Individuals who used chemical hair straighteners and relaxers and later developed uterine cancer may be eligible for compensation from a chemical hair straightener lawsuit.

Do I Qualify for a Chemical Hair Straightener Cancer Lawsuit?

You may be able to file a hair relaxer lawsuit if you or a loved one:

  1. Used chemical hair straightening products or relaxers and
  2. Were later diagnosed with endometrial or uterine cancer

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How Do I File a Chemical Hair Straightener Lawsuit?

A personal injury lawyer can help you file a chemical hair straightener cancer lawsuit.

A chemical hair straightener lawsuit allows injured consumers to pursue compensation to help pay for their medical bills and other expenses. Plus, it sends a strong message to the companies that made these dangerous products.

The law firms in our network can handle a chemical hair straightener lawsuit on your behalf from start to finish by:

  1. Verifying that your case qualifies for legal action
  2. Collecting evidence to support your claims
  3. Filing your lawsuit before any legal deadlines
  4. Negotiating a hair straightener lawsuit settlement with all defendants
  5. Pursuing a verdict in court, if necessary

Chemical Hair Straightener Lawsuit Settlements

In most product liability cases, lawyers prefer settlements over taking a case to trial. That is because their clients usually get much-needed compensation more quickly.

It can take years for a chemical hair straightener lawsuit to make its way to a courtroom. Additionally, there is no guarantee that a plaintiff will win, even if an attorney has built a solid case.

Potential settlement payouts for a chemical hair straightener lawsuit are unknown at this time because this area of litigation is so new. However, as with other product liability cases, compensation will likely depend on the severity of injury and how often the person used the product.

Companies that manufacture and sell talcum powder have paid billions of dollars to settle lawsuits alleging that the products contained asbestos and caused ovarian cancer in long-term users.

Finding a Top Chemical Hair Straightener Lawsuit Attorney

Finding an attorney to help with a chemical hair straightener cancer lawsuit may seem overwhelming, especially if you are dealing with cancer.

The good news is that our team at has done the legwork for you.

Each law firm in our network has these vital characteristics:

  • A winning record
  • Decades of experience with product liability lawsuits
  • No upfront fees
  • Resources to take on powerful product manufacturers

They also have a staff of dedicated professionals who are skilled legal practitioners and caring and compassionate client advocates.

Contact our team for a free case review if you are ready to take the first step in pursuing legal justice. If you qualify, a team member will connect you to a top chemical hair straightener law firm.

FAQs About Chemical Hair Straightener Cancer Lawsuits

Is chemical hair straightening safe?

Not completely. Chemical hair straightening products have been known to cause hair loss and scalp burns.

Even worse, recent studies have linked chemical hair straighteners and relaxers to an increased risk of endometrial and uterine cancers.

Are hair relaxers carcinogenic?

Possibly. Recent studies have found a link between chemical hair straighteners and relaxer products and the risk of breast and uterine cancers.

Chemicals in these hair products may enter the body through the scalp, including through burns caused by the products.

If you have used chemical hair relaxers to straighten your hair and have since been diagnosed with uterine cancer, you may qualify for a chemical hair straightener cancer lawsuit.

Compensation can help pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses.

What chemicals are in hair straighteners?

Hair straightener products and relaxers contain many chemicals. Researchers have reported that several chemicals commonly found in these products may be causing an increased risk of uterine cancer in users.

These chemicals include parabens, bisphenol A (BPA), metals, and formaldehyde.

The researchers indicated that these chemicals could be absorbed through the scalp when used and that burns in the scalp caused by the products may worsen the problem.

How much does a lawyer for a chemical hair straightener lawsuit cost?

The chemical hair straightener lawsuit attorneys we work with do not charge upfront costs or hourly fees. Instead, they only get paid if your case is successful and results in compensation.

This fee arrangement places the financial risk squarely on the attorney and allows everyone equal access to legal representation. Icon

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