Exactech® Lawsuit for Ankle, Hip & Knee Replacements

Medical device maker Exactech® has recalled thousands of ankle, hip, and knee replacements because of a packaging problem that can cause the implants to degrade and fail early. People with these faulty implants may be eligible to file an Exactech lawsuit and obtain compensation for their medical bills and pain and suffering.

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Why Take Legal Action?

By filing a medical device lawsuit, you can pursue financial compensation and justice from the companies that caused you or a loved one harm.

Results Secured

  • $1.4 million for a woman who suffered chronic pelvic pain from a migrating Essure® birth control device and had to get her fallopian tubes removed
  • $820,000 for a woman in Georgia who sustained a thigh fracture from a hip replacement device
  • $800,000 for an Arkansas woman with internal bleeding, chronic pain, and other injuries from recalled hernia mesh
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Information About the Exactech Recall

A person with an Exactech implant clutches their knee in pain

In August 2021, Exactech recalled thousands of knee and ankle replacements that used polyethylene inserts because the packaging can cause the inserts to deteriorate.

More specifically, the company packaged the knee and ankle inserts in vacuum bags that may not have protected them from oxidation. Oxidation of the plastic inserts can lead to serious health problems such as bone loss, premature wear, and cracking of the implants.

In an April 7, 2022, letter to surgeons, Exactech says about 80% of inserts manufactured since 2004 were packaged in faulty vacuum bags.

Additionally, Exactech has recalled some orthopedic hip-implant parts because of similar problems that can lead to injuries.

Exactech’s ankle, hip, and knee implants have the potential to fail after a doctor has implanted them inside a person’s body. As a result, people may experience side effects such as chronic pain, dislocations, and swelling.

For many, these complications are severe enough to require expensive and painful revision surgery. Revision surgery is often more complicated than initial joint replacement surgery.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified the Exactech recall as a Class II because the recalled medical devices could cause temporary or reversible health issues.

Which Exactech Implants Were Recalled?

The recall includes specific models of Exactech’s Optetrak®, Optetrak Logic®, Truliant®, and Vantage® knee and ankle implants. In addition, the company recalled plastic liners used in some Exactech hip implant devices.

Here is a list of recalled Exactech knee and ankle products:

Exactech Optetrak®:

  • All-polyethylene CR Tibial Components
  • All-polyethylene PS Tibial Components
  • CR Tibial Inserts
  • CR Slope Tibial Inserts
  • PS Tibial Inserts
  • HI-FLEX® PS Tibial Inserts

Exactech Optetrak Logic®:

  • CR Tibial Inserts
  • CR Slope Tibial Inserts
  • CRC Tibial Inserts
  • PS Tibial Inserts
  • PSC Tibial Inserts
  • CC Tibial Inserts

Exactech Truliant®:

  • CR Tibial Inserts
  • CRC Slope Tibial Inserts
  • CRC Tibial Inserts
  • PS Tibial Inserts
  • PSC Tibial Inserts

Exactech Vantage®:

  • Fixed-Bearing Liner Component

Exactech Connexion GXL:

  • Exactech Acumatch®
  • Exactech MCS®
  • Exactech Novation®

Exactech has also recalled some hip-implant components known as Connexion GXL liners used in these hip replacement systems:

  • Exactech Acumatch®
  • Exactech MCS®
  • Exactech Novation®

If you do not know whether you have a recalled Exactech device, your surgeon should be able to help.

What Should I Do If I Have an Exactech Implant That Was Recalled?

If you have a recalled Exactech ankle, hip, or knee implant, you should schedule an appointment with your orthopedic surgeon, especially if you have pain or other problems.

Health care providers who suspect a failed Exactech ankle, knee, or hip implant can use X-rays to evaluate the device’s condition.

Injuries Linked to Exactech Implants

Patients with defective Exactech products may experience:

  • Grinding or other noise
  • Implant failure
  • Inability to bear weight
  • Instability of ankle or knee
  • New pain
  • Osteolysis (wearing down of bone)
  • Premature wear
  • Swelling

Exactech says patients with the recalled implants should talk to their doctors about having them removed or replaced.

Patients who have their Exactech implants replaced have to endure the pain and inconvenience of a second surgery and face health risks such as infection.

The company does not recommend that surgeons remove the recalled ankle, hip, and knee implants from patients who are not experiencing symptoms. If you have a recalled device and are not having any adverse health effects, your doctor may continue to monitor you.

However, Exactech notes that some patients may experience premature wear of the defective implants and bone damage but not have any symptoms.

Patients with recalled Exactech medical devices may be entitled to financial compensation. A LawFirm.com team member can help you with a free case evaluation and put you in touch with a top product liability lawyer if you qualify.

What Are Exactech Recall Lawsuits?

An Exactech lawsuit for ankle, hip, and knee replacements is a type of product liability action that allows people injured by one of the company’s defective devices to recover compensation for their medical bills and other expenses.

An Exactech lawsuit is also a way for people to hold the company accountable for harming innocent people. Medical device makers have a responsibility to ensure that their products are safe. When they fall short and put people in harm’s way, they should pay the price for their carelessness.

An Exactech lawsuit can provide financial compensation for:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical therapy

Filing an Exactech Lawsuit

Some patients may decide to work directly with Exactech and obtain reimbursement for some of their medical expenses. Exactech has hired the insurance company Broadspire to handle claims and reimburse people for money they have already spent on doctor visits related to the recalled implants.

Did you know?

If you file a claim with Exactech for reimbursement, you may waive your right to file a medical device lawsuit against the company.

Others may choose to partner with an Exactech recall attorney. An attorney specializing in these cases will be able to maximize any money you obtain from the device maker through a settlement.

You may be able to file an Exactech lawsuit if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You had ankle, hip, or knee replacement surgery in 2004 or later.
  2. You were implanted with a recalled Exactech implant.
  3. Your Exactech implant failed.
  4. You needed corrective surgery.

It is in your best interest to speak with an Exactech recall lawyer before you sign an agreement with Exactech. You do not want to lose your opportunity to collect money from an Exactech lawsuit for ankle, hip, or knee replacements.

To learn if you qualify for an Exactech lawsuit for ankle, hip, and knee replacements, contact one of our team members for a free consultation.

Potential Settlements in Exactech Lawsuits

It is too early to determine the settlement value of an Exactech lawsuit for ankle, hip, and knee replacements. So far, there are no reported verdicts or settlements in an Exactech lawsuit.

Similar to other medical device lawsuits, the settlement value of these cases will probably depend on the severity of injury.

In 2002, one medical device maker agreed to pay $1 billion to thousands of patients with recalled hip and knee implants. Each person who agreed to the settlement ended up with about $200,000.

Settlements in Exactech lawsuits will likely result in a higher payout.

After listening to the specifics of your case, an Exactech recall lawyer may be able to provide you with a settlement range.

When you are ready to take the next step, contact LawFirm.com at (888) 726-9160 for a free consultation.

Prior Lawsuits Against Exactech

This is not the first time that Exactech has found itself in legal trouble over problems with its knee implants. In 2017, for example, the company faced numerous lawsuits involving the failure of its Optetrak® knee replacement.

A client shakes hands with an Exactech recall lawyer

Most plaintiffs who have filed an Exactech lawsuit for ankle, hip, and knee replacements allege that Exactech knew about the problems with its defective products but failed to warn patients or their doctors about the risk. This prevented patients from making informed decisions about their health.

And more recently, whistleblowers accused Exactech of providing defective knee replacements to Veterans Administration, Medicare, and Medicaid beneficiaries.

How Can an Exactech Recall Lawyer Help?

An Exactech recall lawyer can handle all aspects of your Exactech lawsuit for ankle, hip, and knee replacements. This includes:

  1. Filing an Exactech product liability lawsuit on your behalf
  2. Collecting evidence to support your claim
  3. Negotiating a settlement with Exactech
  4. Litigating your case in court if you cannot reach a settlement

Medical device lawsuits can be challenging to prove. However, an experienced Exactech lawyer will have resources to help prove your case and maximize an Exactech lawsuit settlement.

Product liability lawyers tend to favor settlements over taking a case to trial for two main reasons — they are less risky and clients get quicker access to financial compensation.

An Exactech attorney will also be knowledgeable about the latest developments in this new and developing area of litigation.

Finding an Exactech Recall Lawyer Near Me

LawFirm.com has a network of law firms that can help with an Exactech lawsuit for ankle, hip, and knee replacements.

These firms not only specialize in medical device lawsuits, but they also have these essential traits:

  • Decades of experience
  • Free case review
  • National presence
  • No upfront fees
  • Proven track record

Exactech recall attorneys typically work on a contingency basis. As a result, you only pay after the attorney recovers financial compensation for you.

When you are interviewing lawyers, make sure you ask them about how they get paid and the results they have achieved in cases like yours. You can also ask for references. Former clients can give you an idea of what it would be like to have the attorney handle your case.

If you are ready to take the next step in pursuing legal justice, contact a LawFirm.com case manager for a free consultation. Our team member can discuss your legal options and put you in touch with an Exactech recall lawyer if you qualify.

FAQs About Exactech Lawsuits for Ankle, Hip & Knee Replacements

How do I know if my knee replacement is recalled?

Your doctor may notify you that your Exactech knee implant was part of the recall. However, in many cases, patients with the recalled devices have not been contacted by their doctors.

If you are unsure whether you have one of the recalled devices, you can call your surgeon’s office and ask if your Exactech knee replacement was in the recall.

You can also look up the serial number for your device on Exactech’s website. The serial number for your knee replacement device should be listed in your medical records.

The truth is that many people do not know the manufacturer of their joint replacement device. And Exactech is not reaching out to joint implant patients and telling them that their device was recalled.

If you have an ankle, knee, or hip implant, it is in your best interest to find out who manufactured your device and whether it was part of the Exactech recall. If you wait too long and have problems down the line, you may miss out on your opportunity to file an Exactech lawsuit.

How do I file an Exactech knee recall lawsuit?

The easiest way to file an Exactech knee replacement lawsuit is to hire a lawyer specializing in complicated medical device lawsuits. An Exactech knee recall lawyer can handle all aspects of your implant lawsuit, from filing a complaint to negotiating a reasonable settlement.

Hiring a lawyer to handle a case often brings people peace of mind. And it frees up time they can use to care for themselves and heal.

What hip implants have been recalled?

Medical device maker Exactech has recalled a component of specific models of its hip replacement systems. Because of a packaging problem, the Connexion GXL liners in the devices can wear out prematurely and require revision surgery.

The liners are found in certain models of these devices:

  • Exactech Acumatch®
  • Exactech MCS®
  • Exactech Novation®

The company advises that patients experiencing pain near the device visit their surgeons for a follow-up exam.

What's the best law firm for an Exactech hip replacement lawsuit?

The best law firm for an Exactech hip replacement lawsuit specializes in medical device cases. These firms have the experience and resources to handle these complicated cases and maximize any money they obtain for clients.

A medical device attorney can also provide clients with emotional support during this stressful time. Many people undergo hip replacement surgery to feel better and to be able to enjoy life more. Now they are learning that their hip implant may be defective and that they may need replacement surgery.

When you are interviewing law firms to help with an Exactech lawsuit, ask them these questions:

  • What results have you achieved in cases like mine?
  • What are some strategies you might use to resolve my case?
  • How will you communicate news about my case?
  • How do you bill for services?
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