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About Beth

Beth Swantek is a Michigan-based author and media expert who brings a rich blend of experience and academic expertise to her work at She holds a Media Communications degree from Michigan State University and a Master’s in Biblical Studies from Moody Theological Seminary, underlining her academic rigor and dedication to comprehensive research.

Beth’s 30-year professional trajectory began in broadcast journalism in northern Michigan and Dallas. Her portfolio has since broadened to encompass various facets of media, including producing an award-winning documentary in India and Thailand, working in both freelance and corporate environments, and teaching aspiring media professionals at Lawrence Technological University in southeast Michigan.

As an author for, Beth leverages her strong writing skills and in-depth understanding of complex topics to create insightful, accessible content that helps guide readers through intricate legal landscapes. Her personal experiences, marked by her daughter’s severe disability, lend a distinct depth and empathy to her writing, making her a valuable contributor to the legal-focused platform.

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