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For many people, long-term disability insurance serves as a crucial safety net, providing financial support when they can’t work because of an illness or injury. Some disability insurance companies, like MetLife, have a history of denying valid claims. If you’re facing a MetLife long-term disability denial, a lawyer may be able to file an appeal on your behalf and fight for the benefits you’re owed. Get started right now with a free case review.

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By challenging a wrongful disability insurance denial, you can pursue the benefits and justice you deserve.

Results Secured

  • $1.36 million for a New York man whose Aetna long-term disability claim and appeal were denied
  • $1.21 million for a California worker denied disability benefits
  • $975,000 for a physician who lost his hearing and was denied long-term disability benefits by Unum Icon

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About MetLife Disability Claim Denials

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, also known as MetLife, is a prominent insurance company that offers short-term disability and long-term disability (LTD) insurance, which is meant to provide policyholders with compensation if they’re unable to work due to an injury or illness.

However, insurance providers like MetLife may wrongfully deny valid claims, causing financial stress for many of their customers.

Reasons for a Metlife long-term disability denial can include:

  • Insufficient evidence of a disability
  • Failure to meet your policy requirements
  • Lack of medical documentation
  • Missing or incomplete information
  • Pre-existing conditions

In some cases, MetLife may issue a disability denial due to an error by one of its own employees.

If MetLife has denied your claim for disability benefits without cause, you may be able to file an appeal and seek the benefits you’re owed. Under a federal law known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), LTD policyholders have a right to appeal a disability insurance claim denial. has a network of MetLife disability denial lawyers who are well-versed in the tactics this insurance company uses to reject legitimate claims. They’ve recovered over $129 million for clients across the country whose LTD claims were unjustly denied.

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What to Do After a MetLife Disability Denial

In the face of a MetLife long-term disability denial, a lawyer experienced in disability law may be able to help you get the benefits you’re owed.

A MetLife disability denial lawyer can:

  • Appeal your MetLife long-term disability denial
  • Ask for a second appeal if your first appeal is denied
  • File a complaint with your state’s Insurance Department
  • Take legal action by filing a MetLife long-term disability lawsuit
  • Negotiate an LTD settlement, allowing you to access compensation without going to court
  • Fight for you in court, if a Metlife denied long-term disability settlement isn’t reached

Regardless of the path your Metlife long-term disability appeal takes, a lawyer can collect evidence to prove you meet the long-term disability qualifications specified in your policy.

Additionally, with a disability insurance attorney handling your case, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the paperwork for your appeal has been filled out correctly and filed before any deadlines.

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How to File a MetLife Disability Claim Denial Lawsuit

If your appeal doesn’t provide you with the results you deserve, you may want to consider filing a MetLife long-term disability denial lawsuit to pursue the benefits you’re entitled to.

An experienced attorney can handle all aspects of an LTD denial lawsuit on your behalf, so you can focus on your health and spending time with those you love.

While each MetLife disability denial lawsuit is unique, most follow the basic steps listed below.

1. Get a Free Case Review

The MetLife long-term disability denial lawyers in our network offer free case reviews, and they never charge any upfront or out-of-pocket fees, so there’s no financial risk to work with them.

With a net worth of over $50 billion, MetLife has thousands of lawyers who are paid to defend the company’s decisions. A MetLife long-term disability denial can even the playing field for policyholders and increase their chances of a successful outcome.

2. Collect Supporting Evidence

Your lawyer and their legal team will gather evidence to prove you qualify for MetLife long-term disability benefits.

This evidence may include:

  • Job descriptions
  • Medical records
  • Notes from your treating physician
  • Witness statements
  • Your MetLife LTD insurance policy

This information will be used to show that your injury or illness prevents you from working and that MetLife acted wrongfully when it denied your claim.

Insurance companies like MetLife have a duty to treat policyholders fairly. When they fail to uphold this standard, they can be penalized for acting in bad faith.

3. File Your MetLife Disability Denial Lawsuit

Your attorney will file your lawsuit in the correct court and before any legal deadlines. They will provide regular updates as your claim moves forward and answer any questions you may have.

4. Access Compensation

Long-term disability attorneys understand the financial strain that often comes with being hurt and unable to work. As a result, your lawyer will strive to get you as much compensation as quickly as possible.

To do so, they will try to negotiate a settlement with MetLife, so you can get paid without ever stepping foot inside a courtroom. However, if a settlement isn’t reached, your attorney will present your case in court and fight hard for maximum compensation on your behalf.

Get Help With a MetLife Long-Term Disability Denial

In times of injury or illness, people rely on long-term disability insurance to pay for their basic living expenses and provide for their families. When companies like MetLife fail to honor their obligations, they should be held accountable.

The disability lawyers that works with have recovered over $129 million for injured workers facing denied long-term disability claims.

Our legal partners:

  • Can help workers in all 50 states
  • Have the resources to go head-to-head with powerful insurance companies like MetLife
  • Never charge any upfront or hourly fees

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MetLife Disability Denial FAQs

How to appeal a MetLife disability denial?

You can work with a disability denial attorney to appeal a MetLife long-term disability denial and fight for the benefits you’re entitled to.

An experienced lawyer can:

  • Review your MetLife policy documents and denial letter
  • Collect employment and medical records to prove your claim
  • File your appeal along with supporting evidence
  • Communicate with MetLife on your behalf

By working with a MetLife long-term disability denial lawyer, you can rest easy knowing that your appeal has been filed correctly and increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Why did MetLife deny my claim?

MetLife may deny a long-term disability claim for various reasons.

Reasons for a MetLife long-term disability denial include:

  • A MetLife employee made a mistake.
  • You did not submit medical evidence supporting your claim.
  • You did not meet the definition of disability.
  • You failed to satisfy the requirements of your disability insurance policy.
  • You have pre-existing conditions that are excluded from coverage.
  • Your claim included incomplete or incorrect information.

Sometimes, MetLife denies legitimate long-term disability insurance claims to avoid paying benefits. When this happens, a lawyer may be able to fight for the benefits you’re owed.

Get a free consultation to see if we can connect you with a top MetLife disability denial lawyer.

How does MetLife long-term disability work?

To access MetLife long-term disability benefits, you should file a claim for benefits after suffering an injury or extended illness that prevents you from working. Long-term disability benefits provide policyholders with a percentage of their income.

While the specifics differ depending on the disability plan, claimants can file via phone or email and will need proof of disability from a health care provider to file a claim.

If you’re facing a MetLife long-term disability denial, you may be able to work with a disability attorney who can navigate the appeals process or file a lawsuit on your behalf.

What are some things to do before appealing a MetLife disability denial claim?

If MetLife has denied your claim for long-term disability benefits, review the denial letter that you’ve received. This should explain the reason for your MetLife long-term disability denial.

If you believe MetLife has made a mistake, it may be worth it to call the insurance company and see if they will reverse their decision. They may ask you to provide additional information or documents.

You may also want to contact your state’s Insurance Department and tell them about your Metlife long-term disability complaints.

If MetLife still insists on denying your disability insurance benefits, consider reaching out to a long-term disability lawyer. They can review your claim, file a disability appeal on your behalf, and fight for the benefits you’re owed. Icon

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