5 Ways a Talcum Powder Cancer Lawyer Can Help You

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Over the last several years, thousands of women have filed lawsuits claiming they developed ovarian cancer from using talcum powder. With the help of talcum powder cancer lawyers, some of these women received millions of dollars. A talcum powder cancer lawyer may also be able to help you — read on to see how.

1. Link Talcum Powder Use to Cancer

A lawyer can see which products may have caused you to develop talcum powder cancer. From there, they can begin to build a legal case on your behalf.

To do this, a talcum powder cancer lawyer may:

  • Ask questions about the talcum powder products you used and for how long you used them
  • Collect medical documents that show what cancer you have been diagnosed with

Your lawyers can also identify which companies made the talcum powder you used. These companies may be named in a lawsuit if you have a valid case.

Did you know?

In recent years, the most notable company sued over talcum powder cancer has been Johnson & Johnson. Several lawsuits have linked Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder to ovarian cancer.

Without a proper link between a talcum powder company or product, your legal claim may not stand up in court.

2. Understand Statutes of Limitations

Statutes of limitations are laws that control how long you have to file a lawsuit. If the statute of limitations runs out in your case, you cannot sue or receive any money.

Statutes of limitations vary greatly by state and the specifics of each case. Due to these issues, it’s almost impossible to understand statutes of limitations without a talcum powder cancer lawyer’s help.

By speaking with a talcum powder cancer lawyer, you can learn about the statutes of limitations in your case. A lawyer can also file your lawsuit within these limits.

3. File a Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit

If a lawyer believes you deserve compensation from a talcum powder company, they can file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Your lawyers will start by compiling the information that links your cancer to a talcum powder company. Talcum powder cancer lawyers can then file the lawsuit in the appropriate court system for your case.

Your lawyers will handle most of the legal work during this time so that you can focus on fighting the cancer.

While you could file a lawsuit without a talcum powder cancer lawyer, it would be almost impossible to get compensation since the legal system is so complex.

4. Secure Compensation

After filing a lawsuit, a talcum powder ovarian cancer lawyer will do everything they can to get financial compensation for you.

Your lawyers will negotiate with legal teams representing talcum powder cancer companies to get the highest amount of money possible.

Talcum powder cancer lawyers have secured:

  • $4.69 billion in 2018 for 22 victims
  • $750 million in 2020 for four victims
  • $300 million in 2019 for one victim

Most lawsuits reach out-of-court settlements, where the talcum powder cancer company agrees to pay you to avoid a trial. That said, your lawyers will always be prepared if a case does go to trial.

Once your attorney secures financial compensation, you can use it for almost anything. For example, it can cover medical expenses related to your cancer treatments, living expenses like a mortgage, or even a much-deserved vacation.

5. Get Justice

Working with a talcum powder cancer lawyer is not just about getting compensation. Talcum powder cancer lawyers can help you regain a sense of control and justice after your cancer diagnosis.

62-year-old Toni Roberts said “justice has been served,” in an interview after she and 21 other women won $4.69 billion in total from Johnson & Johnson. All 22 women claimed that using Johnson’s baby powder caused them to develop ovarian cancer.

Roberts continued by saying:

“We have made a difference. We have alerted the public.”

A talcum powder ovarian cancer attorney may be able to help you get justice and compensation too.

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